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Elaine Bracefield

BSc Human Nutrition & Biochemistry, Certified Smart DNA and Gut Microbiome Practitioner

Personalized Nutrition

"Healthy eating is not about one-size-fits-all fad diets, it is all about the unique needs of your body."

Food is not just calories, it is information. It talks to your DNA and tells it what to do. The most powerful tool to transform your health is your fork.

Are your food choices leading you to optimal health or disease?

Elaine is passionate about empowering people to take ownership of their health outcomes, rather than waiting for disease or illness to strike before making the right choices.

While most nutritionists will factor for diet and lifestyle, Elaine also considers her client’s genetics, gut microbiome balance and food sensitivities.  

Her biochemistry studies means she has great understanding of cellular health, genetics and metabolism and goes a step further than most Nutritionists would when it comes to treating her clients.

Genetic Testing

Elaine believes in taking the guesswork out of nutrition, through getting your DNA tested. Elaine's aim is to make all her nutrition guidance accurate and specific to her clients needs, so they can live at their best and prevent disease through making smart diet and lifestyle choices.

Genetic testing uncovers the missing pieces behind why you may be struggling with your weight, energy levels, high stress levels and other important aspects of your health.

With good a solid genetic profile, Elaine can creates gene-tailored nutrition and lifestyle guidelines that are specific to your needs.

Gut Microbiome Testing

Elaine also specializes in Gut Microbiome testing, to identify the levels of good vs bad bacteria in your gut. The test helps to uncover why you may be experiencing low mood, excess gas, bloating, diarrhea, IBS or acid reflux.

Elaine then helps her patients naturally resolve these imbalances through dietary changes and supplements where needed.

Food Intolerance Testing

Elaine also offers food intolerance testing to identify foods that may be contributing to skin concerns, inflammation, digestive issues, and allergies.

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