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Hotel & Home Visits by On Call Doctors

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Our rapid and efficient hotel and home visiting service is designed to get an experienced doctor to any hotel or apartment located within 5km of Auckland CBD in around 90 minutes.

Our premier 24-Hour Hotel Doctor Service is designed to get an experienced Urgent Care doctor to your hotel or home anywhere within Auckland in less than 3 hrs.

Our telephone helpline is staffed at all times. We can arrange for a doctor to visit as soon as possible or at a chosen time. 

In many cases the doctor can dispense immediate medication including intravenous drips and intramuscular injections. 

Alternatively, we have access to pharmacies who can dispense pharmacy supplies 24/7. 

If preferred, we can arrange for a doctor to call a patient and our clinics at 582 K Rd, are also available for consultations at short notice and often on the same day. 

Where additional treatment or care is required we can refer to appropriate hospitals. We can also access our extensive referral network of Auckland’s top consultants and leading medical specialists.

Our doctors work with us on a permanent basis. They are all appropriately qualified and experienced at working in the independent healthcare sector. Where a patient requires medical or dental assistance outside Auckland, we are able to arrange an appointment with a local doctor, through our network of independent doctors and clinics

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