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Women's Health Services

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Women's Health Services

For women, taking care of our body involves constant attention to detail.

We specialise in Women’s Health and offer a full range of services.

General women’s health concerns such as painful, heavy or irregular periods, cervical screening and breast checks, gynaecological concerns.

Sexual health concerns such as painful intercourse, libido concerns and STI prevention and treatment.

Pre-conception counselling and fertility advice for women or couples to optimise their health before conceiving, or for assessment and investigation of difficulties becoming pregnant.  

Early pregnancy advice and management for advice and guidance with management of early pregnancy health and well-being, and management of pregnancy-related issues.

Menopause management and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to provide support and holistic management of the many varied symptoms experienced during menopause as well as HRT medicine when needed.

Contraception. There are many different contraceptive options now available, and it’s important to choose the best one for you.